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Plot M/Site A

Plot M/Site A 150 150 Forest City Film Festival

Description: This video is a study of some monuments related to the early history of the nuclear age in the state of Illinois. The framing of the subjects and the surrounding landscape was inspired and informed in part by Romantic and French Realist landscape painting. The landscape functions as an archive, where the ruins lie deep underground and out of view of the camera, instead of crumbling away in a picturesque fashion.

SWO Connection: I am presently based out of Windsor, Ontario, where I have lived for the majority of my life aside from a 9 – year stint in Chicago, Illinois. I received my BFA at the University of Windsor and became involved with various arts and activist communities in the region as an artist, educator and coordinator. Like many others from the area, being in close proximity to Detroit has an influence on me, amongst other things. Detroit techno culture, the “Big Three” (my dad was an assembly line worker at Chrysler), deindustrialization, austerity, and class struggle continuously shapes who I am and the place that I currently call home.

Running Time: 7 minutes