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Ripe 350 482 Forest City Film Festival

Description: When hopeful dancer, Chelsea, lands the gig of her dreams, she rushes home to share the good news with her partner, Nick. When she gets home, Nick, greets her with big news of his own: his testicular cancer is back. His doctor advised that if they want to get pregnant, they have a small window, because, after the radiation, Nick, will be infertile. This means if Chelsea wants to have a child, she must turn down the gig, and get pregnant as soon as possible. Nick, for the first time in his life, is inspired to have a child, while Chelsea is paralyzed with indecision. The couple engage in a comedically heartbreaking conversation, as they wrestle with the impossible decision between letting her career soar or realizing his dreams of fatherhood.

SWO Connection: Our director, screenwriter and star Conor Casey studied in Hamilton for his undergraduate degree.

Run Time: 12:12 min