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Date Saturday, October 22
Time 12:15 PM
Venue Wolf Performance Hall

The Shaman’s Apprentice (Angakusajaujuq)

The Shaman’s Apprentice (Angakusajaujuq) 1000 1501 Forest City Film Festival

Adventure/Family/Animation, Animation, Indigenous Program

A young Shaman must save a sick man by making the terrifying trip underground to visit Kannaaluk, The One Below.


Zacharias Kunuk


Neil Christopher, Nadia Mike, Zacharias Kunuk, Jonathan Frantz

Starring Madeline Ivalu, Lucy Tulugarjuk, and Jacky Qrunnut
Southwestern Ontario Connection The filmmakers are not well established in Southwestern Ontario but are happy to participate in this festival and would appreciate creating new and meaningful connections through this venture.
Runtime 21 minutes