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Unbeatable 350 482 Forest City Film Festival

Description: “A true story of friendship between Dan Edwards and Zach Androschuk in the aftermath of a freak accident that left Dan paralyzed from the neck down. Dan Edwards and Zach Androschuk, the stars of this short documentary are both natives of Sarnia, Ontario, where the film is set. Director, Alex “”Cosmo”” Lutz, was also born and raised in Sarnia. He graduated from Fanshawe College’s Advanced Filmmaking program in 2020. Producer Renat Absalyamov and director of photography Aniket Sawant, as well as the rest of the film’s crew, are also Fanshawe graduates from the AFM, APP and Visual Effects programs. The original score was written by Luke Van Bakel, of Fanshawe’s APP program.”

SWO Connection: Director Alex “Cosmo” Lutz was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario.

Run Time: 12:08 min