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When The Storm Fades

When The Storm Fades 350 482 Forest City Film Festival

Synopsis: A feature film about the lingering impacts of Typhoon Haiyan, starring real survivors re-enacting some of their experiences in the aftermath of the strongest storm ever recorded.

Southwestern Ontario connection: The filmmakers are from London and Guelph, Ontario, both having studied at Vancouver Film School. Shane is born and raised in London, Ontario, and he started filmmaking at age 8 with a Fisher Price PXL-2000 camcorder out of his grandparents minivan at the African Lion Safari. Shane really started getting into filmmaking at Central H.S. when they introduced media into Tech class. Also studied at Fanshawe College as a super duper senior from 2011-2013 studying Interactive Media Design and Production. Leading him to where he is now as a PMD (Production, Marketing + Distribution) or Impact Producer.