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Forest City Youth Film Festival is committed to providing opportunities for the talented youth of the region to find their voice in film. Many of our past seminars are available here. Also look for our new upcoming seminars.

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Forest City Youth Film Festival 2019

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April 22, 2020

Winning Filmmaker 2019 talk

Join us as we screen the top film of 2019 and talk to young filmmaker, Queena Liu, about what it takes to put a film together for the Forest City Youth Film Festival.

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April 4, 2019

Learn How to Make a Winning Film

Watch samples of award winning shorts in this interactive seminar with Jordan Morris. This guided tour of all the festival categories for the 2019 Forest City Youth Film Festival will help you create your winning film. Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of their entries and tackle any obstacles they may have throughout their process. Let us help YOU make a better movie!

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April 4, 2019

Working with Talent

Join us for this fascinating look into how a professional director can elevate the performance of their talent and change the dynamics of a scene. Romy Goulem, Advanced Filmmaking, Fanshawe College will take a couple of actors through a table read/breakdown of a scene and then "put it on its feet" in front of a camera in a few ways that will including choices from the audience. A very interactive session great for future filmmakers, actors and writers alike.

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April 22

Filmmaker Q&A with the 2019 FCYFF Best Film Winner

Learn all about the Forest City Youth Film Festival’s Filmmaker101 Series coming to your screens this Spring, where we chat with the best of high school talent, film industry professionals, and educators about making a film. Whether filmmaking is a new hobby or a lifelong passion of yours, this free seminar is the perfect guide for you to get filming on a budget, with tools already in your home.

Join us for a screening of the Best Film Winner from 2019 FCYFF and Q&A with Queena Liu.

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April 29

Hollywood on a Budget: Creating the Classic Shot

Join London filmmaker Steve MacLeod, of News Knowledge Media Inc. as he explains how the basic elements of shooting a great scene, frequent mistakes to avoid, and achieving a classic Hollywood-worthy shot while making the most of limitations like small budgets and lack of equipment. Ask him your questions with a Q&A hosted by Film Festival Director, Dorothy Downs.

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May 6

Is my film ready for festivals? How sound can change everything

A behind the scenes look at how films are assessed and critiqued by film festival sound jurors. Hint: films often don’t make the cut at festivals because of sound. Find out how to make it through the jury selection from independent to major festivals with award-winning Sound Designer, OIART faculty member and audio guru Mark Vogelsang and the top two Narrative Films from 2019 FCYFF.

Special screening of the top two Narrative films from 2019 FCYFF and Q&A with Filmmakers, Ethan Hickey (Night Moves) and Emma Tucker (Goodbye for now).

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May 12

Documentary Magic - The elements of a great documentary

There are so many ways that you can tell a documentary story and your creativity can be let loose in this category. Let’s see last year’s top two winners and take part in a Q&A with the High School Filmmakers and Constanza Burucua, FCYFF2019 Documentary Judge and Western University Film Professor.

Special screening of the top two Narrative films from 2019 FCYFF and Q&A with Filmmakers.

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May 20

The Pitch - selling your big idea in a small time

A concise verbal presentation of an idea for a film or TV series in the hope of selling the screenplay based on the idea or being offered work to write a screenplay. Join Jordan Morris, Screenwriter/producer and Screenwriting instructor as he walks you through elements of a good pitch and answers your questions live. Jordan will be joined by the 2019 winner of The Most Enterprising Young Filmmaker award , Ethan Hickey.

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May 27

Lighting - How to make your film shine

Learn how to light a scene when you are dealing with limited equipment and limited time. Romy Goulem, Coordinator of Advanced Film Studies at Fanshawe College will speak with last year’s winner of the top Animation and will help you improve the lighting on your project.

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Fall Youth Filmmaker seminars to be announced in August. Stay tuned!