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Are You Ready For A Challenge?
Short Film
Are You Ready For A Challenge?
Short Film

May 10-12, 2024

Forest City 48

Over the course of 48 hours, filmmaking teams write, shoot, and edit a 5 to 8-minute film that features a specific location, a provided line of dialogue, and a particular prop, in competition to win cash and prizes! All completed films are screened at the Good Foundation Theatre in Downtown London and the winning films will be announced that night.



Best Film

$100 cash/$100 Downtown Dollars, submission to Forest City Film Festival (official selection not guaranteed), 2 day passes to the OSCC 

Best Actor

FCFF Trophy

Best Actress

FCFF Trophy

Most Cinematic Moment

FCFF Trophy

Best Sound Design

FCFF Trophy

Best Editing

FCFF Trophy

Best Use of the Designated Prop

FCFF Trophy

Best Use of the designated line of Dialogue

FCFF Trophy

Best Story

FCFF Trophy

The Social Media Award

FCFF Trophy

Use #FCFF48hrfilm to share your behind-the-scenes moments!

Rules & Regulations

Read all RULES & FAQ (see below) to make sure you understand what the requirements are for a successful entry into the FCFF 48 Hour Film Challenge.

  1. Teams must register here. Specify your TEAM NAME (get creative!) and the NAME AND CONTACT INFO (phone, email address) of the participating team member that will act as the FCFF contact.
  2. Only after receiving a CONFIRMATION NOTICE via email are you confirmed and cleared to compete.
  3. The initial submission and registration process must be completed before the deadline. Any entries submitted after midnight on the deadline date will not be accepted.
  4. The FCFF will notify everyone by email with the specifics about where you will be required to meet for the launch of this competition. The FCFF takes no responsibility for ensuring successful communication, so be sure your contact information is correct and to check your inbox regularly!
  5. All teams must meet at a to-be-announced location to submit their entry fee, then receive the precise line of dialogue, the specific prop and the London location which must all be featured in your final film. Once you’ve received those details, teams can enjoy a refreshment and begin the process of writing and planning your shoot.
  6. Submit your 5 to 8-minute finished film to the Convener (details TBA) by 8:00pm on Sunday May 12th.
  7. All films will be screened on May 14th in the Wolf Performance Hall and the prizes will be awarded.
  8. The winning film will get a free submission to the Forest City Film Festival, though they have to pass the selection process of the FCFF to become official selections at the FCFF.

All Other Rules

  • Films must be submitted as H264, MP4, in 1080P and in a standard film ratio. (4:3, 16:9 or cinema wide)
    There will be NO REFUNDS of team registration fees.
  • All team members must be 16 or older (additional actors can be of any age with proof of parental or guardian’s consent).
  • Before the competition begins, each team will be issued with a series of ‘obstructions’ including a specific London location, a specific prop and an exact line of dialogue that must be used in your film.
  • Your film can be no longer than 8 minutes including titles and credits and no shorter than 4 minutes. If your film does not meet these guidelines, it MAY still be accepted, but it will NOT be eligible for any awards.
  • All films will be viewed first by the judges and if deemed unsuitable for any reason, will be disqualified. Examples of content that may be deemed “unsuitable” includes (but is not be limited to) racism, sexism, graphic sexuality, graphic violence, hate speech, victimization of any kind or any other offensive subject matter. Our judge’s decisions are FINAL.
  • All footage featured must be shot within the specified 48 hours of this contest. Any films created with footage shot in advance WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • By submitting a film, you (The Filmmaker) must be willing to prove that you hold all licensing and copyright permission for any assets used (including actors, sound effects or music etc.). Any films in breach of copyright law WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • By entering this competition, you agree without opportunity to contest any of the following terms.
  • The FCFF may show your film in its entirety during the Film Festival in October.
  • The FCFF may show all or any portion of your film at any point beyond the 2022 festival, in any format, on any platform including (but not limited to) public screenings, online postings, broadcast and other media channels and platforms, worldwide, in perpetuity with or without notice or specific credit for the work.
  • The FCFF also reserves the right to use all or any part of your film as promotional material to raise funds for future FCFF 48 hour Challenges.

Forest City 48

Registration & Submission Process

Each team must include a minimum of three and a maximum of five adults – not including actors. The first 10 teams registered will be given $50 downtown dollars before the competition begins to assist in incidental costs during the shooting of their film. The FCFF suggests you assign (or share in any combination) the following roles within your team:

Director: Casting, directing, maintaining a shot list
Director of Photography: setting up shots and lighting and sound, maintaining a shot list, operating camera (any camera is acceptable but see rules below for formats)
Producer: organizing, casting, asking permissions for shooting, helping with lighting and sound
Writer: Writing the dialogue
Editor: Managing and editing footage

YOU MAY ALSO ENTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL. If you do not have a team, simply register as a single, tell us what role(s) you’d like to take on from the above list and we will help build you a team from other single registrants!

Frequently Asked Questions

The FCFF 48 hr Challenge is a not-for-profit event. There are significant costs involved in the organization and management of the event however, and for those reasons, there is a modest entry fee. The entry fee must be paid in-person at the launch event on May 13th. The Tuesday screening of all accepted submissions is a “pay what you can” event to help cover the cost of our projectionist and our fantastic venue, so please pay what you can.

Team members must be 16 or older (additional actors may be of any age with proof of consent from a parent or legal guardian). WARNING: some films screened may not be suitable for all audiences.

ANYONE. The FCFF encourages anyone of any skill or experience level to compete. This is going to be a fun and exciting event and you will come away with wonderful experiences and new insights into the process of filmmaking. Amateur, independent, professional or completely “green” filmmakers may enter. International competitors may also take part.

You can use any equipment that you have available from mobile phones, to GoPros to camcorders to fully professional rigs and any combination thereof, but all films must be submitted as an H264, MP4 file, in 1080P and in a standard film ratio such as 4:3, 16:9 or cinema wide.

YES. You need to be in London, Ontario at the specified launch location to begin the competition and for the screenings, but you are free to shoot literally anywhere on Earth that you like (as long as you have permission and observe all local laws and safety guidelines).

2023 Highlights

Thirty filmmaking people spent the weekend on May 12-14, writing their projects, filming, editing and presented their films on Tuesday, May 18th.  Be sure to join us in May for the 2024 Forest City 48. 

Forest City 48

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