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OSCC Event Tickets

Enjoy exclusive conversations with Canadian expert guests - each from different corners of the filmmaking industry. This casual mentoring session is incredibly valuable to both emerging filmmakers and film fans alike. You'll choose your starting guest for the first 20-minute Breakfast Networking session. Then switch to two different guests for two more 20-minute sessions.
Let us show you where the money is for your next project! Whether you're trying to get your web series off the ground or need more production money for your film. This panel of experts will give you all the ways to bring your project to life!
Explore the vital topics of diversity and inclusion within the film industry. Don't miss this enlightening opportunity to deepen your understanding and contribute to the ongoing dialogue of inclusivity in cinema!
Pitching in action! Watch and learn as this year's selected screen creators pitch their unique ideas for the chance to win up to $60,000 for their Feature film. A behind-the-scenes live look at how these projects come to be, secure funding, and enter production.
Join us to learn all about the top industry unions and how you can start working on the next blockbuster film.
You have an amazing idea for a documentary and a passion for a great story but how do you find an audience, a broadcaster, and how will that distribution finance your project? We’ll offer insights with a panel of documentary filmmaking experts.
Happy Hour is the best hour! Calling all industry professionals to join us for a happy hour event at Hilton. Let us show you all of the fresh and underutilized locations our amazing city has to offer!
Uncover behind-the-scenes magic with the director of a captivating film from the 2023 TIFF Industry Selections. This is an exclusive journey into the making of this remarkable film.
Immerse yourself in the brilliance of Ontario's literary luminaries as they script the map to navigate the dynamic film and TV industry landscapes.