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We Need Your Support
FCFF 2024
We Need Your Support
FCFF 2024


Support Emerging Filmmakers

At the FCFF, championing the creative economy is a constant endeavor. It’s a foundational principle that propels us forward amid the festival’s challenges. We’re firm believers in nurturing the voices of local filmmakers to keep our culture alive and distinct. We aspire for these talents to ascend within the national film and television industry, leaving an indelible mark on our cultural voice.

Your support is crucial. We’re reaching out to you to aid our filmmakers. Our goal is to introduce an additional prize category, and we’d like to attach a monetary award to amplify its impact.

Join us in sustaining and elevating our creative community. Your contribution will directly shape the future of our cultural landscape.

$330,000 in cash and prizes awarded to artists ($190,000 in 2023 alone) 

506 films screened

1000’s of artists supported


Why Support Us?

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation will go towards supporting our new Southwestern Ontario Best Emerging Filmmaker Award.  The focus of this award will be to recognize the talents of an up-and-coming filmmaker who shows great promise and comes from among us.  Having a cash prize attached to this can make a difference in the individual’s path.  We need your help to make that happen.  50% of every donation will go directly to the prize package and the remainder will support the festival.  Please support us with whatever donation you can afford.  Think of your $15 or $20 donation as buying a ticket for the next film that this rising star will make.  

You will receive an income tax receipt for donations over $20 as we are a charitable organization.

Hear From the Artists You Help Support

A wonderful festival experience! They really take care of and appreciate their filmmakers. A lot of thought and effort went into the curation of each program and panel. The industry conference had many high-level industry speakers, but it wasn’t as hectic and overrun as some of the larger festivals, so a great chance to speak with important folks face-to-face. Thank you, FCFF!