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FCYFF 2022 Films

The FCYFF is dedicated to nurturing, showcasing, and celebrating the immense talent of young aspiring filmmakers in Southwestern Ontario.

Join us on Thursday October 20th, 2022 for the FCYFF Screening & Award Show! All of the films below will play on the big screen, followed by award announcements! Join us in-person at the Wolf Performance Hall, or virtually from the comfort of your own home!

FCYFF2022 Winners & Runners-Up

Narrative Category

Winner: This Time Tomorrow

dir. Dexter Greene

Runner Up: Getting Older

dir. Emily Alton

Documentary Category

Winner: Apathy Apocalypse

dir. Calvin Cao

Runner Up: Lockdown

dir. Calvin Shine

Animation Category

Winner: Thank You, Miyuki

dir. Hana Abdelrazik

Runner Up: When It Rains

dir. Rabia Kurt

Music Video Category

Winner: Runaway

dir. Greir Betts

Runner Up: The Night Before Halloween

dir. Liam Murphy

Experimental Category

Winner: Walk On...

dir. Willow Van Rootselaar

Runner Up: Compulsions

dir. Willow Van Rootselaar

Promotional Video Category

Winner: Type Out Your Way

dir. Trissy Liu

Runner Up: Kate's Canine Photography

dir. Kate Bujold


Winner: Lights, Camera, Shock

dir. Jana Almajali

Runner Up: Translator

dir. Waleed Baidas

This Time Tomorrow

Best Overall Film

Willow Van Rootselaar

Most Enterprising Filmmaker

Thank You, Miyuki

Best Production/Costume Design

Calvin Cao

Best Use of Sound

All Films

The FCYFF Documentary category is presented by

Apathy Apocalypse

Directed by Calvin Cao, Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

Despite climate change’s monumental threat, politicians and the public keep kicking the can down the road. Apathy Apocalypse explores what psychological forces make our dying Earth so easy to ignore.


Directed by Calvin Shine, Catholic Central High School

This documentary explores the importance of socializing in our daily life and how COVID-19 affects various demographics and professions. It tells us about the things we missed during the past years and try to improve on our social skills.

The Grand Impact

Directed by Madison Ann Comfort, Medway High School

With The Grand Theatre’s diverse and original plays from around the world, The Grand Impact explores the effects The Grand has had on the community as well as the projects they have contributed to London and surrounding areas.

Working to Live

Directed by Andres Ferre Prado, Ingersoll Collegiate District Institute

A short documentary film that shows part of what many Mexican immigrant workers experience when they come to Canada in search of a better life for them and their families.

Choosing CCH

Directed by Nicholas Edward Cahyono, Catholic Central High School

Come on a short adventure around Catholic Central High School and see why it is an optimal destination for students.

The FCYFF Animation category is presented by

Thank You, Miyuki

Directed by Hana Abdelrazik, Oakridge Secondary School

A young girl goes on a walk with her grandpa. Throughout the day, she learnt from her grandpa how easy it is to meditate.

His Chair

Directed by Amihan McArthur, Catholic Central High School

A CCH vocal student notices that her teacher’s chair has a crack in it, which grows with her paranoia as she waits for the day it breaks.

Abstract Video

Directed by Joey Renwick, Oakridge Secondary School

This abstract video contains a collection of short, hand-drawn, digital animations. This film does not contain any clear plot, or in-depth characters.

When It Rains

Directed by Rabia Kurt, Saunders Secondary School

When It Rains is the story of a young pup found alone by a wandering wolf, shocked to find its mother dead, decides to look after it.


Directed by Kiana Zolal Delsooz, Saunders Secondary School

A local fisherman takes his nephew out to fish for the first time. Things seems to be looking good, however something takes a turn for the worst.

Walk on…

Directed by Willow Rose Van Rootselaar, H.B. Beal Secondary School

An experimental look at the nature of relationships and the fragility of emotions. It utilizes both real world and animated film effects to create a surreal and intense atmosphere.


Directed by Willow Rose Van Rootselaar, H.B. Beal Secondary School

This film is an ode to those who struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder; portraying the thoughts of a compulsive mind through the eyes of a director watching their performance unfold.

The Painting

Directed by Mason MacGregor Cline, Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

Two people at a social gathering reminisce on past memories through a painting.


Directed by Ryan Matassa, Oakridge Secondary School

A conflict of feeling. Never knowing, never seeing, only viewing what is left. Nevertheless all that matters is the truth. Which that is his honesty


Directed by Dani Roa, Saunders Secondary School

A quick animation of one image changing to another one.

The FCYFF Pitch category is presented by

Lights, Camera, Shock!

Directed by Jana Almajali, Westminster High School

The film “Lights, Camera, Shock!” covers the thrilling story of Bruce, as he gets zapped into his movie. He’s transported into a demonic realm straight out of his own imagination.


Created by Waleed Firas Baidas, Westminster High School

“Translator” is a wholesome, comical and family friendly film which illuminates the ideas of community and diversity through the eyes of Pedro the parrot in the animal kingdom.


Directed by Grier Betts, Saunders Secondary School

A metaphorical take on trying to escape one’s problems or fears and not being able to outrun yourself. Problems can’t be avoided forever; eventually you have to face them.

try saying those words at the foot of the stone

Directed by Colin Lawrence Blissett, Oakridge Secondary School

A video containing a custom visualizer playing my music projected over myself with the appearance of moving shapes.

The Night Before Halloween

Directed by Liam Murphy Alexander, Ingersoll Collegiate District Institute

The night before Halloween, Karl the Skeleton decides to conduct a piece in honour of the holiday, though the ghostly instruments are quite the energetic bunch.

Type Out Your Way – Keywerty Advertisement

Directed by Trissy Liu, Oakridge Secondary School

“Type Out Your Way” stars the all-new, compact Keywerty Kit tailored to fit your workstyle. This ambitious, premium keyboard keeps everything at a minimum, favouring convenience and saving desk space.

Kate’s Canine Photography

Directed by Kate Diane Bujold, London South Collegiate Institute

Kate’s Canine Photography is a promotional film dedicated to promoting its business, explaining the purpose of freezing a moment in time and capturing memories of your pet to cherish forever.

Ram’s Cafe

Directed by Suhvanna Singh, London South Collegiate Institute

A short promotion for Ram’s Cafe.

The FCYFF Narrative category is presented by

This Time Tomorrow

Directed by Dexter David Greene, Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School

A single mother and her daughter attempt to deal with the recent suicide of a family member.

Freaky Eaters Anonymous

Directed by George Vanderlaan, H.B. Beal Secondary School

A support group for people with strange food related addictions doesn’t go as planned.

Getting Older

Directed by Emily Alton, H.B. Beal Secondary School

Getting Older is a visual, auditory love letter to childhood. It plays with simple, joyful and yet emotional memories that anyone can relate to when growing up.

Sketch 2.0 Reality

Directed by Camden Chin, Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute

A mysterious sketchbook stolen and hidden in Mac’s house is found. Mac draws in it discovering that it brings his imagination to life. However, agents are also after the book.


Directed by Caelan Bree MacKay, Parkside Collegiate Institute

Alone for the summer, Alina meets a mysterious girl she’s determined to befriend. She establishes a daily routine in hopes of reuniting with her.

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